Stop Wasting Money On Slim Fast and Fad Diets: Begin Transforming Your Body at MetroFitness​

Source: Stop Wasting Money On Slim Fast and Fad Diets: Begin Transforming Your Body at MetroFitness​

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Hello New Followers


It appears I had a sudden surge in followers, up to 150 new ones. I apologize for your misguided procrastination which led you to this blog. Some overviews about me:

My name is Julia.

I was widowed at 28-Years Old

Through writing nonsense and excessive complaints, my grief journey is documented pretty extensively in the first year of widowhood. I started a week after my husband passed away.

My husband George and I met at Wilkes University in the Creative Writing Program. So keep your judgments to yourself. My writings are about him, and it was the only way at the time I knew to honor the love we shared. He loved my writing, whereas I was rather lazy about it. I didn’t begin writing consistently until he passed away.

George is my muse.

Through losing my husband, I worked on myself and have fully invested my efforts into self-bettering, self-worth, self-appreciation by discovering self-love.

I’ve lost 70 pounds from when George passed away to now through exercise and living a healthier life. Watching someone I love die from cancer does that.

I am a freelance fitness and nutrition writer now. I do personal training and group exercise classes for a steady paycheck. I’m no longer involved in college lacrosse coaching, but I still love the sport of lacrosse.

The love I shared with George has propelled me to live a better life. And though I’m living paycheck to paycheck and hustling hard. I am the happiest I have ever been, and I believe having met George and his strength has led me to this point.

I also have a problem with writing in the passive voice.

I love creative grammar. It’s my favorite part of writing.

Thank you for following my blog. Please try the Taco Diet. It’ll change your life, believe me.

I also like Trumpisms.


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Another Epic Pinterest​ Fail: Video of Banana Protein Pancake Gone Wrong

The attempted cooking for one this morning was a bonafide epic fail. Widow Problems, yo.

Live Metro Fit

Eating healthy is hard, and trying to be creative without adding the calories seems almost damn near impossible. Well, that’s when Pinterest comes in handy! Someone else has done the work, proven to be successful and has posted it for the world to see.

Welcome to the Protein lab. Check out how Pinterest Banana Protein Pancakes translate to real time.

I think someone took pictures of pancakes and pretended to make them sans egg and flour, and pretended protein powder would be a sufficient replacement.  Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice, I didn’t learn from the first time.

Fool me once shame on me. Fool me twice, well, I didn’t learn from the first time.


  • Playful- iMovie plug-in
  • Rage Against the Machine- Bulls on Parade

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What you need to know about the Taco Diet

A Little background on the original Taco Diet:

In 2015 a diet took America by storm, the Taco Cleanse. This fun and satirical book poke fun at diets and the diet industry by recommending a 30-Day Taco Diet Cleanse and introducing the world to the Taco Diet. This popular taco diet is primarily vegan, but consumers can adjust it to their liking and nutritional needs.


Not my Taco Diet:

I learned about the Taco Cleanse today by typing into google the ‘Taco Diet.’ I am not on a taco cleanse. This is as foreign to me as Brexit.

My social media is marketing my affair with tacos. My taco diet commenced in April and continues to gain momentum each week. Since the week of April 1st, the corn tortilla has been the bed of tender slow cooked meats, legumes, and melted cheese topped with a drizzle of sriracha, guacamole or homemade salsa. But the continued deliciousness from week to week is raising eyebrows. Here are a few noteworthy and PG comments:

“Why tacos?”

“What’s on the tacos?”

“What’s up with your taco fetish?”

“You’ll become a taco soon enough.”

“Are tacos good for you?”

“You are what you eat.”



Eat Unicorn Tacos become a Unicorn


Side Hustle led to the Taco Diet:

Since I started working from home and getting my side hustle on with freelance writing, I needed to figure out a suitable way to save money while eating healthy. There are dozens of “Buy One Get One Free” deals, but the BOGOs are for fatty, refined and processed foods. I try to eat healthy without sacrificing the flavor.

Also, with all these life changes of needing to make a career change, distancing myself from coaching, and with the deployment my heart has been heavy. And when my heart is heavy, my stomach growls more and hunger for routine emerges. I am a person of routine, though my routines never make sense to anyone else but me.

I’m on an $40-80 weekly budget. This includes gas, food, and miscellaneous purchases because I need to save money in case of an emergency. And for health insurance come August. #UniversalHealthcareNeeded



Easy cleanup


Taco diet is cheap, healthy, and I like it:

I buy 2-4lbs of meat at the market, whatever is on sale and maxes out at $12. Corn Tortillas for 4lbs is $3.00. 8 cups of Shredded Cheese $5.50. Head of lettuce $1.00. Added toppings range from $2-6.00. Cheese and saucy toppings last longer than a week, so, all in all, I buy a weeks worth of food for about $25.00 tops. To cut down on waste, after I cook the meat in the slow cooker, I then cook 1.5 cups of lentils. So when the meat runs out, I have lentils, an adequate protein source, to stuff into tacos.

The taco diet is challenging and creative. When I go to the store I look for deals, I strategize on how to make my dollar stretch while looking for the tastiest and healthiest flavor combinations for the week.

Corn tortillas stretch the dollar the best versus flour. Plus white flour spikes insulin levels, and by going with corn, the caloric count for 2 tortillas is 100 calories. Gluten-Free, low on the glycemic index, a good form of carbohydrates.



Life took a 360-degree turn


Additional pluses to the Taco Diet:

Corn Tortillas again are gluten-free, free of trans fats and have no sugar, and it’s much lower on the glycemic index than your sandwich bread, pasta, and sweet potatoes. Corn isn’t complete shit although the diet industry might try to say otherwise. The truth is corn tortillas are a healthy form of carbohydrates and is quick, usable energy, which I need with the number of workouts and training I do.

The meat is slow cooked, and I do not add oils to it. It’s flavored with spices, and usually a can of Rotel or chipotle sauce or fermented pepper sauce. Great source of protein to help repair and build my muscles and is low in fat for the most part.

Mango Salsa

Home cooked meal every day

I know the Ketosis diet is so popular and fats are king in 2017, but I do not buy into Keto at all. I want clean, tasty and satisfying meals. Not some bullshit trendy diet your sister’s best friend’s cousin’s boss tried out and loved.

So why tacos? Simple and covers all the major nutrient guidelines. I think the cool kids call them macros. Throw some greens on top, and I just completed the ultimate meal of carbs, proteins, dietary fiber, low fat and delicious.

How come continued taco consumption? Well, Cotton, it comes down to executing the fundamentals of I’m cheap, resourceful, I like challenges, and I’m creative in the kitchen.

Final thoughts on the Taco Diet? My boyfriend is deployed, and when it comes to figuring out how to get along by myself and adjust to cooking for one, my widow senses kick in so I can get shit done. And I am making some incredible cuisine over here in the Taco Lab.


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Some Practical Thoughts on Career Change



I need some practical reflection on my career change from coaching to the next great thing. I’ve been transitioning into a new career, and I’ve applied to a few jobs and have been offered some but have not accepted. Using my background in coaching has provided me a lot of applicable skills in the corporate and office setting. However, I feel I don’t have the niche experience to land something satisfying. I know I might need to start from the low rung and climb upwards, but I hope something soon will pan out that I find refreshing and exciting.

I’ve been offered a plethora of interviews and opportunities in insurance. I’m not surprised because a lot of it is marketing, recruiting and personal relationships. Something coaching has taught me. But I can’t shake the idea of feeling like a salesperson all the time. It’s also the reason why I’m the worst distributor for Advocare. It’s simple, I don’t want people to avoid me because they’re afraid I’ll try to sell them something. Although, when it comes to fitness training, I’m always trying to get people to live healthier lives. I do enjoy selling health and wellness.

I’m not afraid of putting myself out there. I’m a fast learner, and I believe I’m smart. Being widowed has offered me the strength to know I can get through anything, including a career change. So why am I not excited about any of the job offers?

I need something that speaks to my core values. I need to feel like I’m making a difference and I am helping those I interact with. I’ve been traveling further down the rabbit hole of personal training, and I

When I first started coaching there was excitement and purpose for me. Jumping out of bed was easy like every day was Christmas. But the excitement lost its luster after George passed away. Coaching became grueling, and every problem I faced seemed so hackneyed and trite because nothing could compare to the massive rebuilding process I was doing in my life. Being widowed at 28 really made me grow up fast, and now I know what I need to feel. I love writing, and I want to make this career if possible, but until then I need to feel like I’m making a difference and I am helping those I interact with.

I’ve been traveling further down the rabbit hole of personal training, and I LOVE it. Not just a little bit, but a lot! It’s more than coaching and bringing out the best, it’s also figuring out how to improve on the person’s weaknesses and provide them courage and strength to do it. I feel alive when I’m helping someone out with training. I’ve been dabbling with training for years, but to go full force into it is exciting. And I think about coaching and working with the girls, and I’ve always enjoyed on field stuff, and helping them through their issues off the field. It was the politics of the college I couldn’t accept. And then I realized, I need to believe in something if I’m going to give it my all. And right now, I believe Personal Training and Nutrition are my callings, and I’m going to figure out how to tailor it so I can make a living off of it, rather than hoping I get the call to show up for a class or get a new contract to write.

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