Flipping Steier Fitness

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing yet expecting a different result.”- Albert Einstein


From February 2014 to Present, to manage my grief, to overcome my insecurities I began explore various forms of fitness related activities. While I was transforming my body, I noticed my mood, emotions, confidence, self-worth, and life outlooks began to flip too.

While dealing with the overwhelming loss of my husband which was extremely traumatic and incredibly lonely, I was now dealing with getting used to a new image, figuring out my new body and the attention I was receiving by the end of my first year of widowhood. Having to sort through life after loss was difficult already but paralleling it with weight loss was also a traumatic in its own unique way. But through it all I’ve come out wiser, stronger, and healthier then I could have ever predicted. I feel empowered by the experience and I want to now help you

I’m so grateful for the support I received across the entire spectrum of wellness, and I now want to pass it forward and help others reach their goals and be a constant support for them in their journey’s of healing, self discovery, and overall betterment of their lives.img_5969

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