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Discovering Your Inner Widow Warrior

A common phrase in the widow community we hear is “I can’t imagine,” or “you’re so strong.” But when the day is over, and you’re laying in bed gazing up at the ceiling with tears rolling down your cheeks, how … Continue reading

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Why Doesn’t My Loss Affect​ Others?

My loss is my W scarred on my heart. The scars are mine to own, and others don’t have the wounds I had to endure. He is one thought away at all time for me. No one has turned their back, but instead, they have allowed me to grow at my own pace and time. Continue reading

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Balancing Military Girlfriend and Widowhood

George’s death is a central part of my life, and widowhood has taught me valuable lessons on coping skills and managing the cold breeze of loneliness. Something I’ve utilized and applied these past several months while my boyfriend is deployed. Being widowed has helped me transition into my new role of being a military girlfriend. Continue reading

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Runner’s World Never Mentions Marathon Training During Alabama Summer Months Can Trigger Grief

To make the summer months pass a little quicker, I signed up for a Fall Marathon in Minneapolis/St.Paul, Minnesota back in March. It did not register that I will be doing most of my marathon training in the dead of summer, in Alabama. Continue reading

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Throw a Punch like Manny Pacquiao at Any Age: Start Adding Boxing into Your Weekly Fitness Routine for Improved Health and Muscular Endurance

Add a new twist to your gym routine with boxing. There are dozens of incredible benefits boxing can contribute to your overall health and fitness level. It takes enormous physical and mental demands to engage in pugilism. Heck, even the … Continue reading

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