Hi, my name is Julia. My husband and I would blog together as a hobby. We had 2 food blogs about our culinary adventures in NYC. We met in graduate school in the winter of 2007 and married on 9/19/13. Two months and 6 days after we married, he lost his 7 year battle to fibrolamellar carcinoma; an extremely rare liver cancer.

I set this blog up as a way to honor and continue doing what we did as a hobby, while allowing myself to document my memories, thoughts and feelings as they come. I don’t expect an audience, but if some come along for my journey of healing, please remember to be kind.

I became widowed at 28. This is my journey of receiving an emblem of an unwanted W.


Former College Lacrosse Coach

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    • Thank you for the follow and the support. I’m sorry for your loss as well. When I read your post “The Winds of Time,” it was extremely moving and powerful. You write so well and convey the emotions beautifully. I feel with writing I can say many things that I’m uncomfortable to say aloud.

  1. I stumbled on your blog, not sure if you received my previous comments but found your words so beautifully raw. I was dating a widower and this has helped me understand some of the things going on in his world right now. It is such an emotionally challenging position for both parties to be in and I wanted to thank you, you are not only helping other widowers, you are helping those who choose to love them as well.

    • Thanks for stumbling onto my page! I noticed during the grieving process there isn’t a ton of information geared toward young widows. I commend anyone who dares to take the task of dating a wid. I can’t imagine the ups and downs and the inability to take away their pain. I think about that constantly when I’m beginning to date someone. glad you stopped by!

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