Pictures are falling

I’ve made the decision to start removing pictures of George from my apartment. I did it about 2 weeks ago when my parents were in town. It was great having them around to encourage me to do so. I took them down, and left just a few up. I haven’t really had second thoughts about them not being around, so I believe I made the correct decision. After thinking about it and putting myself in Mike’s shoes, I wouldn’t want to go over to his house and see pictures of his past girlfriends. Granted I understand and know it’s entirely different situation, but still, I don’t think inviting someone over who I have feelings for and seeing me with my husband is very mindful. Even if Mike and I don’t work out, moving forward for future it was time to start removing the pictures.

It’s another step in this lengthy journey, and I think another pivotal one. I’m moving forward, I’m healing, I’m improving, and most importantly I’m dictating my life rather than going based on emotion and whim. Grief rears its ugly head, but that’s all it does. Doesn’t control me like it did in the beginning months. I hate the saying “time heals all wounds,” and I think this wound has scabbed up. Moving to Montgomery was a good decision, and we’ll see what else happens.

I feel like I’ve worn my welcome with the grief blog. Nothing drastic tends to happen. Just living a life that’s unusual to those my own age. I deal with events differently because of what has happened to me. I lose sight of what’s important and rational because of my loss. It doesn’t define me though. It just is another piece of fabric that creates the person who I am.


About J.

Fitness professional, fitness & nutrition writer, widowed at 28. Writing about getting through grief through self-care, physical activity, and the ​constant feeling of being uncomfortable.
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2 Responses to Pictures are falling

  1. 53old says:

    Switch topics for the blog.:-)

    I have a picture of my fiancee…it’s in a box in the closet…..

  2. ‘It’s just another piece of fabric…’ I hear you. The pictures are disappearing from my home too. She’s in my heart and head forever. I don’t need the pictures. If I can help my girlfriend feel more comfortable in another woman’s former home then that’s a good thing.

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