Impactful weekend

Over the weekend I traveled with my lacrosse team to Ferrum College and then to Greensboro College for games. We split this weekend but it was an interesting weekend. Not because of the games but more so of the people and places.

in 2013, the first year I was a head coach at Drew University, my lacrosse team traveled to Ferrum College for spring break. It was strange being back there. I remember how excited I was to be on my first spring break as a head coach. George would send me texts of encouragement and at night call me to get the details of the game. It was nice being back there and once again pulling out a good quality win. After the game we got back on the bus and headed two hours south to Greensboro, NC. When we got into Greensboro one of my friends who coaches at Guilford College stopped by our hotel and we chatted. It was so great seeing her! I just am so appreciative of the people and relationships in my life. She was a huge support for me after George passed and I remember seeing her at tournaments and camps, and she was so kind and open to hearing my woes. We’ve played together on club lacrosse teams and it’s wonderful seeing her, and her son and how things change so much but friendships remain strong. It makes me really grateful to be involved in the lacrosse community.

Coincidently, one of my other lacrosse friends was in the Charlotte area too and we were chatting over the weekend trying to see if our schedules would match. Unfortunately it didn’t work out, but I enjoyed the back and forth lacrosse talk we had over the weekend. He’s a great coach and I love getting his perspective. Admittedly he’s one of my friends I was careless with the immediate months after George passed and I tend to bring up how cold hearted I was then. He reminds me I indeed was an ass, but he got to have a front row seat to watch me change physically and mentally.

It was such a bizarre weekend now that I think back on it. Almost like a reminder of how important the relationships in your life are. Don’t take anything for granted.


About J.

Fitness professional, fitness & nutrition writer, widowed at 28. Writing about getting through grief through self-care, physical activity, and the ​constant feeling of being uncomfortable.
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