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Final night

Two years ago George returned home with me to our Jersey City apartment in hospice care. I was so excited to have him home and I remember talking about how we were going to go for a walk in Prospect … Continue reading

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He dies in 10 days

In 10 days the memories of November 25, 2013 will creep back. They’re submerged but slowly those thoughts are ascending. Tiny bubbles of memories are percolating and I just feel a little helpless. How can you combat your brain? These … Continue reading

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Baby back west

The month of November is a huge travel month for me because of my job. The recruiting process of college lacrosse is at its height in November. Every weekend there’s a tournament. It gets hard to choose which ones are … Continue reading

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President James Garfield crashed my birthday weekend

I turned 30 years old yesterday. George and I used to talk about my 30th birthday a lot. He said he was going to throw me a party for it, and for some reason I’ve always looked forward to turning … Continue reading

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