What’s the delay?

So I’m sitting in an airport in Atlanta right now awaiting to board my connecting flight which has been delayed. Idle time means running mind and I started thinking about all the times I wish I could have just delayed time. Have it stand still and embrace the blithe of that particular moment. And then I think of times like these where all I want to do is move. Continue going on, and push along. Life is so strange. I can list a million reasons to travel back in time, but there’s an allure to what waits for me too.

I’ve had my heart broken a million times over again and I have every reason to become reclusive, but I still look forward to the next great moment. But first I have to sit through this delay.


About J.

Fitness professional, aspiring writer, college lacrosse coach, widowed at 28, currently dating an Air Force officer who is deployed and documenting the at-home dealings and updates.
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One Response to What’s the delay?

  1. beenough says:

    Sorry about the delay… I have felt that way. I am wondering if we could connect with email. With your permission, I would love to share a few videos with you. Your blog came to mind as I start my new business and come through my grief a changed person. My email is jj_cann@yahoo.com and my name is Joanna.

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