Mama, Visited My Home

For all you metal heads out there, that title is a play on the Ozzy song, “Mama, I’m Coming Home.” Except I didn’t go home, but instead my mom came to visit me yesterday! I was so excited to have my mom in town for the afternoon because I felt like I haven’t seen her in forever, and often times when I call home I talk a lot about sports, season, upcoming games, etc, but never about mom and daughter things. So she came home and we chatted about everything under the sun; Talked about boys, how this is the last weekend of lacrosse, whether I’m traveling to Rhode Island this summer, my niece, food, everything. It felt so good to have a piece of Connecticut visit me in Jersey.

That’s actually one thing I don’t talk about often on this blog… I’m not really close by to my family as I deal with grief. My sister is in Germany, my brother in California, my parents and other brother in Connecticut, so I’m really isolated in New Jersey. I think It’s made me a much stronger person, but there’s those nights when I wish I was just in the comfort of my home… like my family home. Not my apartment home.

Last night, my assistant Rachel conducted her magic and we did a team HOT yoga session at PowerFlow Yoga in Chatham. The Instructor, Emma, is actually a Drew Lacrosse Alum from the mid 1990s! I’ve never done hot yoga but heard amazing things about it. So I was really looking forward to going, and to have our instructor have connections to the program made it that much more special. I laid my mat out, got the blocks, chit chatted with the girls as we waited for class to begin. The moment Emma started directing I knew I was in for a rough next hour…

First, I’ve done a yoga class at my gym in CT but this was NOTHING LIKE IT. Following along Emma’s directions made Professor Warshauer’s lecture course on Constitutional History class seem like a basic info session on using a water cooler. I think for the full hour she didn’t breathe because she just flew through the positions, the holds, everything. Luckily the woman next to me knew what she was doing so I just looked at her half the time to see what the hold/position should look like. At one point, I just held the cobra pose for a good 5 minutes.


At the end though, the girls were smiling and laughing about how disgusting they were. And of course I had to take a team picture. My only regret about yesterday was prior to hot yoga I did a double session of SoulCycle. I bit off way more than I could chew, but I had the greatest night sleep that I’ve had in awhile.


About J.

Fitness professional, fitness & nutrition writer, widowed at 28. Writing about getting through grief through self-care, physical activity, and the ​constant feeling of being uncomfortable.
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