Mama, Visited My Home

For all you metal heads out there, that title is a play on the Ozzy song, “Mama, I’m Coming Home.” Except I didn’t go home, but instead my mom came to visit me yesterday! I was so excited to have my mom in town for the afternoon because I felt like I haven’t seen her in forever, and often times when I call home I talk a lot about sports, season, upcoming games, etc, but never about mom and daughter things. So she came home and we chatted about everything under the sun; Talked about boys, how this is the last weekend of lacrosse, whether I’m traveling to Rhode Island this summer, my niece, food, everything. It felt so good to have a piece of Connecticut visit me in Jersey.

That’s actually one thing I don’t talk about often on this blog… I’m not really close by to my family as I deal with grief. My sister is in Germany, my brother in California, my parents and other brother in Connecticut, so I’m really isolated in New Jersey. I think It’s made me a much stronger person, but there’s those nights when I wish I was just in the comfort of my home… like my family home. Not my apartment home.

Last night, my assistant Rachel conducted her magic and we did a team HOT yoga session at PowerFlow Yoga in Chatham. The Instructor, Emma, is actually a Drew Lacrosse Alum from the mid 1990s! I’ve never done hot yoga but heard amazing things about it. So I was really looking forward to going, and to have our instructor have connections to the program made it that much more special. I laid my mat out, got the blocks, chit chatted with the girls as we waited for class to begin. The moment Emma started directing I knew I was in for a rough next hour…

First, I’ve done a yoga class at my gym in CT but this was NOTHING LIKE IT. Following along Emma’s directions made Professor Warshauer’s lecture course on Constitutional History class seem like a basic info session on using a water cooler. I think for the full hour she didn’t breathe because she just flew through the positions, the holds, everything. Luckily the woman next to me knew what she was doing so I just looked at her half the time to see what the hold/position should look like. At one point, I just held the cobra pose for a good 5 minutes.


At the end though, the girls were smiling and laughing about how disgusting they were. And of course I had to take a team picture. My only regret about yesterday was prior to hot yoga I did a double session of SoulCycle. I bit off way more than I could chew, but I had the greatest night sleep that I’ve had in awhile.



About J.

Fitness professional, aspiring writer, college lacrosse coach, widowed at 28, currently dating an Air Force officer who is deployed and documenting the at-home dealings and updates.
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