Support leads to strength

Handsome and strong, still makes my heart flutter

Handsome and strong, still makes my heart flutter

I had a rough day at work but some things did bring a big smile to my face. Like finding the most awkward profile for one of my favorite admissions counselors, which he quickly had the school take down. I still find it hilarious and I’m so happy I saved it as a pdf. I’m going to talk about what I’m most appreciative about today.

 The biggest thing is that our practice gear is starting to trickle in and I’m always very excited to see how it turns out. It looks amazing this year. But there was a surprise with the gear; One of my players came to the office today with two shirts in tow. She handed one to my assistant and then to me. I unfolded it and I couldn’t believe my eyes. The sincerity, thoughtfulness, and love that was put into this surprise was astonishing. I looked up at her and she smiled and asked if I liked it. Wide eyed, I said “do I like it? I LOVE it!”photo-11

You see, my team made Cycle for Survival shirts for Team Kraynak. I thanked her repeatedly and it probably became annoying after the 15th time. A few minutes afterwards, another player came in and handed me an envelope and said to open it later. When she left, I opened it and to my surprise it was a personalized note thanking me for showing true strength during such a difficult time. I was choking back the tears. It is so incredible the support and love that I’ve been receiving from my team. Our school isn’t even back in session and I had 4 players visit today. I am just blown away with their recent gestures.

Before George died, I always reminded them how much I care about them individually and of course as a whole, and that I love them. My assistant and I finish our emails on occasion to the team saying, “with love, Coach” Even when they drive me insane, I care about the girls a lot and how they develop into adults and prepare for life after college. And I’m so thankful that they are reciprocating and care about how I will transition into this new era of life without George. I love my team, and their encouragement is my light during this dark time. I’m so proud of them and they will make me a better person and a better coach. And what’s humbling is, I don’t even think they even realize it.

Regaining strength, all I needed was a push

Regaining strength, all I needed was a push

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Fitness professional, fitness & nutrition writer, widowed at 28. Writing about getting through grief through self-care, physical activity, and the ​constant feeling of being uncomfortable.
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  1. Keep being strong as you forge ahead. You are doing yourself proud, and are honouring his memory very well.

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