Un-Happy 4 months

Today would’ve marked 4 months married. I’m at a loss. I desperately want to wake up from this nightmare and be myself again and be happy. But my life as a knew it no longer exists. I need to figure out how to be me in this new setting and find happiness under these circumstances. Keep rolling that boulder up the hill… It’s going to be a long goddamn time.

George, you left this earth with so much love, and when it flipped inside out, it burrowed deep inside my soul and left a gaping wound where I can’t stanch the flow of blood. You were my life. You made me whole. Love you always.



About J.

Fitness professional, aspiring writer, college lacrosse coach, widowed at 28, currently dating an Air Force officer who is deployed and documenting the at-home dealings and updates.
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One Response to Un-Happy 4 months

  1. I am so sorry.

    ~ Darling

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