Runner’s World Never Mentions Marathon Training During Alabama Summer Months Can Trigger Grief


To make the summer months pass a little quicker, I signed up for a Fall Marathon in Minneapolis/St.Paul, Minnesota back in March. It did not register that I will be doing most of my marathon training in the dead of summer, in Alabama.

Alabama summers are humid, hot, sticky, and oppressive. There is no escaping the brutality of the summer sun mixed with the stagnant thick hot air. The days I need to train for my marathon are quickly inducing dread, and indirectly triggering grief.

Why is it indirectly? Well, I wanted the summer months to pass by quickly because my boyfriend is deployed. He comes back the second week of October. My Twin City Marathon is on October 1st.

Dealing with his deployment has been a task standing on its own. I’m back to cooking for one, feeling the void when I wake up in the morning and he’s not there. Coming home to a quiet house and not having a tremendous amount of human interaction outside of work or my Thursday night Kickball games. But here’s the thing: he’s not dead. So though his deployment is stressful, I’ve been okay for the most part with very few meltdowns.

But marathon training, there have been many meltdowns because of the binding and claustrophobic grip of the humidity and heat.

When I wake up at 4:00 am to get my 10-mile run in before having to be at the gym for training at 6:00 am, the moment I step outside it feels like I opened the door to someone taking a hot shower. It’s repugnant, and because I know how my body reacts to feeling overheated with no release, my muscles tense up with dread.

Running feels like a chore and is no longer fun for me. It provokes a deep anger and uncontrollable feeling of failure that I can only relate to the weeks and months after George passed away. It’s unavoidable stress, and if I don’t train, I will suffer dire physical consequences on October 1st. So I push forward with my running, usually resulting in a meltdown as I near the 10-mile mark.

Exercise is a physical stress on the body, but it also ignites the endocrine system to release hormones to help with stress relief. That’s why when I was grieving after George died, exercising was magnetic for me. It provided me relief from the crippling and suffocating feelings of grief. But when my stress reliever has adverse effects and begins to trigger my grief, that is alarming.

I adore Runner’s World and was even in a  featured content at the beginning of the summer. Click here to read about my grief journey and how running helped me. But I’ve been reading the articles all summer long about how to combat heat, humidity and the awfulness of marathon training in the summer. There are not enough hours in the day to edit my training schedule. My running has to take place at dawn, and unfortunately, solo night running isn’t an option here in Montgomery, Alabama.

So, grief is trickling back through my marathon training. I think about George, I find myself talking to him more and more recently. And when the mood strikes and a special memory bubbles up, I lean in to shed a few tears.

I will never do another Fall Marathon. Another new lesson George has taught me.

Angry Run

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Throw a Punch like Manny Pacquiao at Any Age: Start Adding Boxing into Your Weekly Fitness Routine for Improved Health and Muscular Endurance

Add a new twist to your gym routine with boxing. There are dozens of incredible benefits boxing can contribute to your overall health and fitness level. It takes enormous physical and mental demands to engage in pugilism. Heck, even the Olympic Committee, sports scientist and ESPN have evaluated 60 different

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Stop Wasting Money On Slim Fast and Fad Diets: Begin Transforming Your Body at MetroFitness​

Source: Stop Wasting Money On Slim Fast and Fad Diets: Begin Transforming Your Body at MetroFitness​

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Hello New Followers


It appears I had a sudden surge in followers, up to 150 new ones. I apologize for your misguided procrastination which led you to this blog. Some overviews about me:

My name is Julia.

I was widowed at 28-Years Old

Through writing nonsense and excessive complaints, my grief journey is documented pretty extensively in the first year of widowhood. I started a week after my husband passed away.

My husband George and I met at Wilkes University in the Creative Writing Program. So keep your judgments to yourself. My writings are about him, and it was the only way at the time I knew to honor the love we shared. He loved my writing, whereas I was rather lazy about it. I didn’t begin writing consistently until he passed away.

George is my muse.

Through losing my husband, I worked on myself and have fully invested my efforts into self-bettering, self-worth, self-appreciation by discovering self-love.

I’ve lost 70 pounds from when George passed away to now through exercise and living a healthier life. Watching someone I love die from cancer does that.

I am a freelance fitness and nutrition writer now. I do personal training and group exercise classes for a steady paycheck. I’m no longer involved in college lacrosse coaching, but I still love the sport of lacrosse.

The love I shared with George has propelled me to live a better life. And though I’m living paycheck to paycheck and hustling hard. I am the happiest I have ever been, and I believe having met George and his strength has led me to this point.

I also have a problem with writing in the passive voice.

I love creative grammar. It’s my favorite part of writing.

Thank you for following my blog. Please try the Taco Diet. It’ll change your life, believe me.

I also like Trumpisms.


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Another Epic Pinterest​ Fail: Video of Banana Protein Pancake Gone Wrong

Live Metro Fit

Eating healthy is hard, and trying to be creative without adding the calories seems almost damn near impossible. Well, that’s when Pinterest comes in handy! Someone else has done the work, proven to be successful and has posted it for the world to see.

Welcome to the Protein lab. Check out how Pinterest Banana Protein Pancakes translate to real time.

I think someone took pictures of pancakes and pretended to make them sans egg and flour, and pretended protein powder would be a sufficient replacement.  Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice, I didn’t learn from the first time.

Fool me once shame on me. Fool me twice, well, I didn’t learn from the first time.


  • Playful- iMovie plug-in
  • Rage Against the Machine- Bulls on Parade

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